Soul Motion and Open Floor

presence . heart . sanctuary
spiritweaves ™ is a movement inspiration extended to all with an impulse to pray in motion – to dance devotion. it is a movement invitation extended to all with a desire to listen to their own voice – to dance the truth; your choice. we expand our awareness and our ability to be present in our body while keeping our heart open.  spiritweaves ™ is a movement liberation extended to all who are willing to answer their own calling. a movement revelation unmasking the mystery and magic of our own dance. we will assist, stir, incite, invite and inspire the dance to be awakened into and throughout our lives breath, weight, shape, pause, repetition, silence and witnessing are some of the tools we will employ to engage and enhance you as a creative event, always unfolding.


michael will be in la

michael will be in Los Angeles teaching Saturday January 2nd and Sunday January 3rd. Please join him as we begin again in a new year. He would love to see you within the dance.



em claire says;
It’s a beautiful time to be alive.
And the long walk home is peopled –
We are everywhere.
Yet the struggle to surrender is where we often walk
So the next time you fall
to either side where you lie
and take the hand
of your dear Brother or Sister
whose own face is muddied.
We can rise together,
even if we fall alone –
for its a beautiful time to be alive
on this,